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at memorial union kiosk [Sep. 9th, 2007|12:52 am]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

weird going to the flaming lips concert for the last half hour of free SO-Co-ness on my lonesome...found myself mostly people watching & technology watching..the little camera glued to the microphone to get the distorted wide angel of the lead singers face which also captured the screen directly positioned behind the band creating a feedback loop when there wasn't any other video feed coming through was nifty...good use of visual effects without really using canned effects...i was such a dork that I even took a picture of the backdrop & mic after the performance had ended..
..was actually trying to meet up w/ a friend, but didn't find her, so thought I would make use of me hauling my ass over there..then tried to go to the terrace, saw someone I knew, but they were in line to get a sig from one of the earlier musicians, so continued on pursuit to find ms. Jenny, only to realize a half hour later when sittin on the computer that she had already headed back to whitewater, but that's allright, I'm online which is something I cannot do at the moment on my own time because my puter is still out on repair...but heck, if it actually works for more than a couple days after I have waited 2 wks+ to get it back I will be happy, because it's only been since before 4/20 that the screen has been broken..yes, indeed.
we are spoiled people here in madison..lost of free entertainment all over the place..
hard to keep a focus if you do actually have a task at hand..
dunno..think I should get back on my bike and head home though..
my wrist and fingies are starting to tense up a bit..
until the next unforseen time,